Getting Your Own Hosting

Most of my readers know I'm working on getting all of my blogs moved to my own hosting. I've finally got my main blog set up on my hosting, and I will be posting most of my content there, but my free hosted blogs are still being updated as well. One of my readers is searching for hosting as well, and emailed me today asking for information about my host, so I thought I would share it here for all of you who are looking to make the big move.

My hosting is from one of my very good friends who hosts for bloggers only. He's got a great package, and a 99% uptime. I haven't had a single problem since moving my main blog, and not once has my blog had any downtime. He will pre-install wordpress for you if that's the platform you choose to use, and tech support is always just an email away. If you have any problems he works hard to get them fixed for you, even if it's something as simple as installing a plugin wrong, or not knowing how to change your blog colors. You can check out his packages on his blog for more info.

If you're still debating on moving off your free host, read my entry to the ProBlogger community writing project, the Top 5 Reasons To Move Off Free Hosting.

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