CAPSTAR Product Review

I recently read a post over at Lisa's blog that made me want to tell you about a product I've been using for a few months. After all, this is my review blog right? Why shouldn't I tell you about something I know works!

With the warm weather in full swing, our pets are bound to run into some fleas. A few months back, while it was still cold, we had a flea outbreak in our house. We think the cat picked them up from the neighbor's cat, then he passed them along to the puppy. The puppy wasn't yet old enough for most of the meds on the market, so I started looking for something that was safe for him. That's when I found CAPSTAR, and I will never be without it again. It took one pill for the puppy, and two pills to clear up the cat.

Here's what I love about CAPSTAR:
  • Safe for almost all pets. You can even give it to young puppies/kittens at least 4 weeks old and 2 lbs and nursing pets.
  • It's not a once a month. It's a pill that cures an outbreak fast by killing the adults before the situation gets out of hand
  • You can use it with your once a month treatment to clear up an outbreak if it's too soon to give another dose of the once a month stuff.
  • Cats and dogs use the same pill. At the time both of our pets were under 25 lbs, so I only had to buy one box.
  • 1 pill normally does the job, but if it doesn't, you can safely give another dose the next day.
  • Capstar is an OTC product. You don't have to obtain a vet prescription to purchase.
The product is really coming in handy for us now. Our vet recommended we keep a stockpile of CAPSTAR pills just because most of the once a month meds aren't working this year. The fleas have become immune to them, but CAPSTAR kills them all! I buy mine from because they have good prices, and of course I'm a bullie mama.

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