Active File Recovery Software

Have you ever lost a file you wish you could recover? Maybe you accidentally deleted a photo that meant a lot to you, or you had an MP3 you loved that was damaged by a virus. Well now you can recover almost any file or folder you have lost with a simple to use program called Active File Recovery. Normally I don't like paying for a program when I can find a freeware one that will do the job for me, but I have tried many freeware file recovery programs and not one of them did the job. Active File Recovery starts at $29.95 for the Standard version, and is $44.95 for the Professional version.

What can each version do? Both versions can recover files that were deleted then emptied from recycling bin, lost due to a format, damaged by a virus or other malicious program, or lost during a power failure. You can also recover hard drive partitions that were lost during formatting or deleted.

The professional version includes Active Partition Recovery that can recover a partition that has been damaged. It works for partitions on FAT, FAT32, and NTFS systems. That's not all. You can also recover files on flash drives, memory cards, etc. Never worry about losing a photo again when the card for your digital camera dies! Just recover it! Both versions support all types of external hard drives, too. I really like the boot CD or DVD feature. You can recover any system that won't boot up by using the included ISO to burn a boot disk that contains a lighter version of Windows Vista.

If you're interested in giving Active File Recovery a try, feel free to download the trial version. Don't forget to check out the Active File Recovery website for tons of useful information including screenshots, and a list of file types that can be recovered.

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